About Us


Kim Roach here and welcome to Zenpreneur.com.

I’m a writer, bookworm and a bit of a coffee addict 🙂

And… I am sooooo excited to have you here.

On our little “island” of the web.

I’m not sure how you got here… but our goal is to teach you how to grow a fun-filled, lifestyle business that you enjoy waking up to. Without working all hours of the day.

Of course… If you’re addicted to this stuff like me, than you’ll probably want to spend more time building and growing your business. Because it’s a lot of FUN 🙂

But that’s up to you!

I realize you may have other things you want to do with your time… Hang out with your family. Watch the latest reruns of Breaking Bad. Start collecting stamps. There’s no judgement here.

But this site was built to teach you how to build and grow your business in the most efficient, “Zen” way possible.

Taking a straight-line from where you are now to where you want to be. THAT’S what a “Zenpreneur” does.

You see, most entrepreneurs end up “zig-zagging” their way to success. Through many, many years of trial and error.

That’s what I did. I call it the “School of Hard-Knocks”.

Trying one thing after the next. Testing one strategy after another. Failing. Then succeeding. Failing. Then succeeding. Over… and… over again.

Now – don’t get me wrong.

You learn a LOT in the trenches.

But, if I were to do it all over again today – I would do things a LOT differently.

And that’s what I’m here to teach you!

How to build a SIMPLE business. With fewer moving parts.

WHY do you need a SIMPLE business model?

Before I share my simple business model – I need to explain WHY I changed my business so drastically.

I’m ashamed to admit to you that at one point my own business depressed me.

My business got so out of control with 101 things I had to do every day that I wanted to “call in sick”.


My boss was a jerk! (and that boss was ME.)

Business had become too complicated. Everyday there was a new skill I needed to learn. A new social media platform everyone was ranting and raving about.

First it was Facebook. Then Twitter.
(Insert flavor of the month here.)

And to make things worse…

Lots of “goooorooos” were saying that you need to BE EVERYWHERE!

And so I did. Flying in hundreds of different directions. Trying to keep up with the latest
and greatest.

The result?

It left me looking like a frazzled kindergarten teacher.


That’s what I kept telling myself.

Then it dawned on me.

I’m the ruler of my domain.

I’m the captain of this ship.


I rebuilt the business in a way that fit MY LIFESTYLE.

I built the simplest business model known to man (or woman :).

If only to gain back my sanity.

So I went back to the CORE activities that always worked.

* Traffic
* Offer
* Conversion

Those are really the ONLY 3 “ingredients” you need to grow a successful business.

But I took it one step further.

I thought…

What is the SIMPLEST possible way to build a successful online business.

And after a bit of brainstorming – it hit me.

ONE traffic source
ONE core offer
ONE conversion mechanism

I call this the ONE-Page Business Model.

And it has made my life sooooooo much easier.

I’ve learned over the years that the SIMPLE solution is almost always the best… And the most profitable.

These 3 simple steps make it to where I no longer need to be in front of my computer 12-hours a day.

* NO need for fancy funnels.
* NO need for long, 72-page sales letters.
* No need to “hang out” on social media sites all day.
* NO wasting time on SEO.
* NO praying to the Google gods.
* No need for a fancy website.
* No more blogging everyday.
* No complicated tech stuff.
* No need to obsess over the latest trends and traffic strategies.

Just a SIMPLE, ONE-Page Business Model.

ONE Traffic Source + One CORE Offer + ONE Email a Day

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